Ragan Weigel

“The sky has no limits. Neither should you.” ~ Usain Bolt 

Name: Ragan Weigel

Nickname: GUNZ

D.O.B.: June 23, 2006 

Birth city and state:  Rochester, Minnesota

Nation: USA

Current City: Oronoco, Minnesota

Height: 5’6

Specialty: Road and gravel

Previous sports: Triathlon and rock climbing

Years racing: 7

School: University of Nebraska Online Highschool 

Favorite Subject: Science

Zwift Level: 31

Favorite Zwift world and Course: Watopia, Richmond’s 2018 UCI course.

Career Highlights

• 1st in the junior 15-16 at the Minnesota state championship 2021

• 1st  15-16 day 8 at Intelligentsia Cup 2021 

• 3rd Omnium 15-16 ToAD 2021

• 3rd Omnium cat. 3/4 ToAD 2021. 

• ToAD 2018. Lauren and I switched between first and second for all of the days in juniors 9-12. 

• 1st in the 13-14 omnium at jingle cross 2018. 

Tell us something about yourself that people may not know 

Something people don’t know about you: Lauren and I are mirror twins. Lauren is right handed and I am left handed. We also lose the same teeth just on different sides of our mouths. 

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