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Felt Bicycles

Go Fast 

Felt has been partnered with the TWENTY24 program for over a decade, supporting high performance athletes as well as developing junior athletes. The team has accomplished multiple Olympic and World Championship medals and countless National Championships titles.

" Felt Bicycles has been a proud supporter of TWENTY24 Pro Cycling for over a decade. We have always admired the team’s commitment to—and unparalleled success in—developing the next generation of cycling talent.  The team’s success in racing is only outstripped by the inspiration and opportunities to prepare young women for life beyond the rigors of bike racing they provide.  We look forward to a bright future." - Eric Sakalowsly, Felt Bicycles

Felt Bicycles was founded in California, a land of pioneers, entrepreneurial mavericks, technology-driven mavens, and the most passionate outdoor fanatics you’ll find anywhere. Since 1991, we have strived to be the most innovative cycling company on the planet. That’s been our guiding principle. And, our targeted goal is to help each rider ascend to a world championship victory, surpass a personal record, or achieve a perfect ride on the parcours of their liking. We are devoted to creating the finest cycling experience in the world because we love nothing more than bikes and what they can bring to the human experience. From conquering an alpine climb to starting a fitter life through riding, from the thrill of racing to the forging of camaraderie on a group ride with friends, nothing compares to the act of pedaling. Wherever you are in your two-wheeled journey, we invite you to join us for the ride.

What We Ride


The all-new AR is the bike you need if speed inspires and delights you. Whether you are in the hunt for PRs, segments, or Olympic gold, the AR is built to get you to your finish line. Not just faster but better in every way, the new AR is designed with performance in mind. We know that going fast isn't only about cheating the wind—though the AR doesn't disappoint on that front. 
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If you’re looking for the best-handling, fastest-climbing, smoothest-riding road racing bike in the world, you’ve found it. The FR represents one half of the ideal union between bike and rider. Free of excess, it was painstakingly and obsessively honed for the needs of the most committed road cyclists, in order to win battles of will, attrition, and tactics on any racecourse. 
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Gravel riding is here, and it’s the new breed of cycling. Sure, riding drop bars on dirt isn’t a new thing. Many folks will rightfully point out that it’s been a way of life for many cyclists for as long as people have been pedaling atop two wheels. Shoot, even historians remind us that the Tour de France began on gravel roads. But these days, there are more eyeballs on the gravel riding scene, more legs in the game, and more minds opening up to the wonderful world of off-road adventure
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The DA name is legendary in the realm of racing bicycles, and it’s been a part of our brand’s history for decades. It’s reserved for the fastest bikes we’ve ever made that fall under UCI regulations for the time trial discipline. Thus, the DA marque represents not only our commitment to aerodynamic efficiency and rider fit optimization, but also to the collective ability of our mad scientists to cleverly eke out every bit of speed under a uniquely specific set of regulations. 
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