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Our mission is to excel at the highest level as athletes, while inspiring others to perform at their absolute best, lead healthy lifestyles, and be engaged participants in the sport of cycling and in their communities. The team operates under Tam Cycling 501c3.  For Full Tam Cycling Mission Statement: Click Here! 
Virginia’s Blue Ridge TWENTY24 is the only professional team with an integrated junior program. Offering junior athletes access to mentors and role models. We have successfully developed junior athletes and connected them with colleges as they graduate from high school. The priority for our program is always academics, encouraging our athletes to obtain the best education possible for life after cycling.

The team operates under a registered non-profit 501c3 Tam Cycling. Your contribution goes directly to the junior program for operations, providing support staff at key events, coaching and equipment. 

And for a limited time,  you can earn a VBR TWENTY24 commemorative medal with your tax-deductible gift of just $150 to the team! 

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